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Protection For Debtors Under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Are you dealing with harassing calls from creditors? Constant badgering and automated calls?

You do not have to tolerate creditor harassment. You have rights, and our attorneys can help you. We sue debt collectors for violating our clients’ rights. With decades of combined experience and knowledge in protecting clients from debt collection, we will take an aggressive approach to get you the results you need.

At Kazerouni Law Group, APC, in Costa Mesa, California, we sue creditors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Our lawyers combine extensive knowledge and an aggressive litigation approach to ensure our clients have the full protection available to them under the law.

About The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The FDCPA is a federal regulation passed in the 1970s. Its primary purpose is to protect debtors from overly aggressive, harassing debt collectors. Through various amendments over the years, the FDCPA protects clients against all types of FDCPA violations.

The Power To Fight Back

The FDCPA gives people like you the power to defend yourself and fight back against creditors who are harassing you. Our lawyers can look over your situation to uncover potential violations of the FDCPA or other similar regulations. We can force debt validation if you feel like a creditor is trying to collect on an invalid debt, and we can find a number of ways to stop creditor harassment.

Although every licensed creditor or collection agency should be well aware of the laws prohibiting certain collections actions, they continue to violate the laws and harass debtors. Our firm sues these entities and protects our clients from creditor harassment.

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