Fair Credit Reporting Act


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Protecting Your Credit Rights

When it comes to your credit, information is of the utmost importance. Inaccurate information about past and current debts, current credit and other important aspects of your credit can have disastrous consequences. You could see a lower credit score, along with the inability to obtain further credit and other financial issues.

At Kazerouni Law Group, APC, we fight for people just like you in Costa Mesa and throughout California. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other legislation enacted to protect debtors. We take a strategic, aggressive approach and our lawyers will fight to protect you against violations of the FCRA.

Common Violations Of The FCRA

The FCRA contains provisions enforcing accuracy in the reporting of financial information, limits on the use of information, regulations regarding background checks and other important aspects of debtors’ rights.

Most of the common violations of the FCRA involve inaccuracies in credit reporting.

If you have experienced a violation of your rights, talk with an attorney from our firm. Our lawyers are aggressive litigators who will fight for your rights. Many people with credit problems caused by inaccurate reporting feel like they don’t have rights or options. We have the experience and resources to help you.

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