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Protecting Your Credit Card Debt Defense Rights

Credit cards can be dangerous if you can no longer pay the amount you owe. High interest rates and penalties for late payments are only the beginning of the problems some credit card debtors face. It is common for credit card companies and their collection agents to violate federal collections regulations and harass debtors once they fall behind.

As a credit card holder, you have rights. At Kazerouni Law Group, APC, our debt defense attorneys sue credit card companies and their agents. We defend clients in Costa Mesa and throughout California who are being sued by credit card companies. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights.

When dealing with legal debt collection challenges related to credit card debt, it is crucial to have experienced credit card debt attorneys by your side. Our skilled and experienced attorneys have a deep understanding of federal collections regulations and are well-versed in the tactics used by credit card companies to harass debtors. Whether you are being sued by a credit card company or need assistance in dealing with a credit card debt collector, we are here to fight for your rights and ensure that your interests are protected.

Can You Be Sued for Credit Card Debt?

When you are struggling with credit card debt, you may wonder if you can be sued by credit card companies to collect the outstanding balance. The answer is yes, credit card companies have the right to take legal action against debtors who fail to repay their debts.

When faced with a lawsuit from a credit card company, it is crucial to understand your rights and seek the guidance of experienced credit card debt attorneys.

Credit card lawsuits typically occur when a debtor falls behind on payments and fails to work out a resolution with the credit card company. In such cases, the credit card company may decide to file a lawsuit in order to obtain a judgment against the debtor. This judgment allows them to pursue various collection methods, such as wage garnishment or bank account levies, to satisfy the debt.

It is important to note that being sued for credit card debt does not automatically mean that you will be held responsible for the entire amount claimed by the credit card company. Debtors have the right to defend themselves in court and challenge the validity of the debt. With the help of skilled credit card debt attorneys, you can explore possible defenses, negotiate settlements, or even challenge the lawsuit based on violations of consumer protection laws.

At Kazerouni Law Group, APC, we have extensive experience in representing individuals facing credit card debt lawsuits. Our dedicated debt attorneys will assess your situation, review the details of the debt, and formulate a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances. We are committed to protecting your rights and working towards a favorable resolution.

If you are being sued for credit card debt or need assistance in dealing with credit card lawsuits, don’t hesitate to contact our firm for a consultation. Our team is here to provide you with the legal guidance and support you need during this challenging time.

Many Americans carry consumer credit debt. However, being sued by a creditor or debt collector for a credit card is becoming more frequent. 

If you are facing a credit card lawsuit, our credit card debt lawyers can help you. Although many people feel like they have no hope in trying to defend themselves in court, fighting credit card lawsuits has numerous benefits.

Our attorneys handle credit card defense matters for a flat fee. We combine experience and knowledge with an aggressive approach. We are not afraid to take on major credit card companies, and we have a track record of successful results in cases of this kind.

Find the answers to your questions about credit card defense and talk with a lawyer from our firm to learn more about how hiring a credit card debt attorney can help you.

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