Doctor examining a digital medical record on a futuristic interface screen with patient data.

What to Do When Your Patient Data Is Compromised?

Imagine waking up one morning to discover that a data breach has exposed your most intimate medical information. Your diagnoses, medications, and even your social …

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A small chalkboard with "FDCPA" written on it, placed in front of old books.

What Damages Can I Collect for an FDCPA Violation?

The Endless Calls and Harassment – Enough is Enough! Are you tired of being harassed by debt collectors calling you at all hours of the ...
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Magnifying glass focusing on a credit report with cash, documents, and a toy car nearby.

Why is there an OFAC Alert on my credit report?

Discovering an OFAC Alert on Your Credit Report: What It Means and What to Do Opening your credit report only to find an unexpected OFAC ...
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A graduation cap on stacks of coins next to a jar filled with coins and a book.

What to Do If My Child Has Debt

Ways You Can Help Ease the Burden of Debt on Your Child’s Shoulders As a parent, you’ve always wanted the best for your child. You’ve ...
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A person holds a digital tablet displaying a holographic screen with banking icons and data charts.

Can Creditors Freeze My Bank Account in San Diego?

Imagine waking up one morning, ready to tackle the day, only to discover that your bank account has been frozen. Panic sets in as you ...
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A credit report showing a score of 672 next to a calculator, keyboard, and plant.

How Often Should San Diego Consumers Check Their Credit Report?

Are you a San Diego resident wondering how often you should be checking your credit report? In today’s world, where identity theft and credit fraud ...
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A person uses a stylus on a laptop with icons for percentage, documents, and tax overlaying.

Credit Report Disputes in San Diego

Protecting Your Financial Future Are you a San Diego resident dealing with the frustration and stress of credit report errors? You’re not alone. Inaccurate information ...
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A person in a suit touches a virtual button labeled "COMPENSATION" while holding a notebook.

Equifax Data Breach | Do You Have A Valid Claim For Compensation?

For a credit monitoring and breach recovery firm, Equifax sure didn’t do a great job of keeping their own data secure. In 2017, the company ...
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A person in a blue shirt sits at a laptop with warning icons overlaying the screen.

T-Mobile Data Breach | Is Your Data Privacy Safe?

You would expect that one of the largest mobile carriers in the United States would have top-notch data security measures to protect their customers’ personal ...
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A person types on a laptop, with a lock icon and login fields overlaying the screen.

What Can a Data Privacy Attorney Do for You?

Robust privacy and data protection are paramount to keeping your financial future secure and emotional well-being intact in the digital age.  Unfortunately, the companies we ...
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