Did You Make A Purchase On Truefire.com between August 3rd, 2019 and January 14th, 2020?

A Florida company that sells online guitar lessons to millions worldwide suffered a data breach sometime last year that jeopardized the credit card information of their clients. The breach was detected on January 10th yet customers were not notified until March 9th. According to TrueFire Chief Customer Officer Ren Wright, “While we do not store credit card information on our website, it appears that the unauthorized person gained access to the website and could have accessed the data of consumers who made payment card purchases, while that data was being entered, between August 3, 2019 and January 14, 2020.”

If you have been affected by this data breach, you have rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act. Truefire was legally obligated to protect your personal and financial information, and through negligence they have failed that obligation. By waiting to notify consumers until over a month had passed, they further exarcebated the issue. Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, you have a right to pursue a legal case against TrueFire for mismanaging your financial data. Kazerouni Law Group, APC, is one of the leading consumer right law firms in California, and has the expertise in data breach cases to get you the compensation you deserve.

The CCPA allows for penalties ranging between $100 and $750 per consumer per incident, or actual damages if greater, depending on “the nature and seriousness of the misconduct, the number of violations, the persistence of the misconduct, the length of time over which the misconduct occurred, the willfulness of the defendant’s misconduct, and the defendant’s assets, liabilities, and net worth.”

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