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Consumer attorney Abbas Kazerounian has dedicated his professional life to helping vulnerable consumers in California and across the nation. He’s litigated over 3000 individual consumer rights cases, and together with his law firm, Kazerouni Law Group, has recovered over $750 million in settlements and judgements for his clients. He also teaches as an adjunct professor of consumer law at the California Western School of Law.

Fighting against aggressive debt collectors, predatory lenders, and shady corporations has taught him one thing: the number one thing protecting consumers is their own knowledge of their rights. After teaching law students for over XXX years, Abbas has decided to bring his knowledge and expertise to those who need it most: Californian consumers like you.

“An educated consumer is an empowered consumer”

A consumer who knows their rights is far less likely to be taken advantage of, and need legal help, than one who doesn’t.

That’s why Kazerouni Law Group is holding complimentary Town Halls across California- to help you, the consumer, understand their rights when it comes to debt collection, credit repair, loans, and other important consumer issues.

The LENGTH town halls are completely complimentary, and include vital information that will help you make the best financial decisions for you and your family. The DATE Town Hall will cover such topics as

-What do I do if a debt collector is harassing me?
-How do I know if I’m being taken advantage of by a lender?
-How do I ensure my credit report is accurate?
-And more!

The Town Hall is completely free to attend and includes complimentary light refreshments and drinks. RSVP today to reserve your spot!

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