Getting A Refund From Spartan Races Shouldn't Be A Losing Battle

While customers of Spartan Races may have relished a physical challenge, many are now finding themselves running a very different gauntlet than they had in mind- trying to get refunds from canceled races

As Spartan races around the country were indefinitely “postponed” due to COVID protocols, many would-be Spartans found themselves out their hard-earned money, and sought refunds from the company. Spartan Races has consistently denied refunds from postponed or canceled events, offering consumers either their money back in merchandise or offering to honor their tickets for “future races” with unclear dates sometime in 2021.

Some consumers have reported that Spartan Races customer service has told them refunds “are not the Spartan way”. With race tickets costing up to $100 for a single participant, refusing to honor refunds due to races canceled or postponed due to no fault of the consumer is unconscionable.

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If You Were Refused A Refund, You May Be Eligible For Compensation

This refusal to grant refunds to consumers is a violation of consumer rights under several state laws. If you paid for a Spartan Race that was canceled or postponed this year, and have not been able to receive a refund from Spartan Races, fill out our free case evaluation above for a free consultation

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