Fight Back Against Predatory Payday Loans!

Guess which has more storefronts in Nevada, payday lenders or McDonalds?

While you might think a burger would be easier to find than a loan, in fact, it’s payday lenders. Over 10 percent of Nevadans report needing short term loans to get by within the past year, and in many cases, predatory lenders are partially to blame for the cycle of debt many Nevadans find themselves in.

If you have taken out a payday loan after October 2017, there are new Nevada state laws that may help you get forgiveness for your loan- and if your lender is found to have violated your rights, earn you up to $1000 per violation, plus any actual damages, and your attorney’s fees and costs.

Nevada state law now mandates lenders must have looked at your ability to repay, including monthly income and expenses, before lending you any money. The new law also says than you cannot be given a loan that requires a payment of more than 25% of your gross monthly income. Payday loans, in most circumstances, also cannot extend past 90 days. If you have gotten a payday loan which has payments of more than 1/4 of your monthly income, or requires payments for longer than 90 days, you could be eligible for both loan forgiveness and up to $1000 for each violation by the lender. Kazerouni Law Group has helped many Nevadans just like you, and in cases like this, won’t charge you until you win your case. Contact one of our experienced payday loan attorneys today and get out of the cycle of debt!

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