If You've Purchased an IKEA "Kullen" Dresser, You May Be Entitled To Compensation


Over the past decade, IKEA’s tip-prone dressers have killed six children, forcing the retail giant to recall millions of bureaus worldwide and pay at least $96 million in settlements to grieving families. But last year, when another IKEA dresser no longer met safety standards, the company didn’t rush to take the product off its shelves.

Instead, it kept selling the dresser.

The dresser in question, the three drawer “Kullen” model (pictured above) became non-compliant with the furniture industry’s standards in mid-August after they were updated to reflect the dangers of bureaus falling onto children. It took sixteen weeks for IKEA to take the dresser off the market, and then another three months for IKEA to issue a recall for the product. Federal safety regulators at the Consumer Product Safety Commission have said the dressers pose a risk of “death or serious injury to children”

If you have purchased a three drawer Kullen model dresser from IKEA, you may be entitled to compensation, whether or not you or a loved one have been injured by it. 

Serious injuries & deaths have been caused by IKEA’s furniture in the past, and in January of 2020 they settled a lawsuit from a family who’s 2 year old boy was killed when an IKEA dresser fell over and crushed him in 2017. That lawsuit settled for $46 million, at the time believed to be the largest child wrongful death settlement in US history. Unfortunately, it appears IKEA did not learn from the pain they caused from that incident and are continuing to endanger thousands of children around the US with their unsafe dressers.


The chest is 28 3/8 inches tall, sold in black-brown or birch colors, and weighing approximately 45 pounds. The article numbers for the KULLEN 3-drawer chest are 600-930-58 (birch), 501-637-54 (black-brown), and 803-221-34 (black-brown). A 5-digit supplier number, 4-digit date stamp, IKEA logo, country of origin and “KULLEN” are printed on the underside of the top panel or inside the side panel.

If you have purchased a three drawer Kullen model dresser from IKEA, you may be entitled to compensation. Kazerouni Law Group, APC, is a leading consumer rights law firm that has litigated complex product liability cases like this before, and can help you receive the compensation you deserve.


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