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The 2020 Fire Season has had catastrophic effects on the people of California, and once again it appears that many of these fires were caused by the public utilities that we should be able to trust.

With over 15 years of experience with the entire spectrum of consumer protection matters, Kazerouni Law Group is uniquely well equipped to handle fire damage claims against the largest corporations and insurance companies.

We represent individuals with all types of damages: structural damage, personal property loss, lost profits, physical injuries and other injuries.

Our dedicated team of Fire Lawyers responds immediately to all fire-related inquiries. We work closely with fire damage experts who are available to assist us with the investigation necessary to identify the source and cause of a fire in order to determine liability.

We often take cases that other law firms consider either too small or too complex to litigate. We have a proven record of litigating complex cases and helping our clients obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

After the 2018 Camp Fire, in which 85 Californians lost their lives due to the negligence of PG&E, our attorneys flew to Butte County before the smoke even cleared. We held multiple town halls, in which we helped the recovering members of the community explore their legal rights, understand legal documents, and begin the process of filing insurance claims. That experience fundamentally changed the way we view California wildfires on a personal level, and has made us
re-dedicate ourselves to serving those who find themselves in the path of these cataclysmic events.


Experience That Matters

Whatever their cause, be it poorly maintained power lines or simply natural events, wildfires can seem like something that you can do little to prepare for. While true in part, one thing every Californian should do whether they’re in fire country or not, is doing an annual walk-through of their house with a video camera. Insurance companies may want you to believe that you can only be compensated for things you have receipts for, but a video inventory of your house, especially if you spend the time to open drawers and closets to thoroughly document everything, can be a huge asset when dealing with insurance claims. It is important to remember to save the video to the cloud, keep it in a firebox, or simply email it to yourself to ensure it will be available in the event of a catastrophe.

A fire, like any other disaster, is not meant to be dealt with alone. Whether or not you think you’re entitled to damages, Kazerouni Law Group welcomes you to reach out for free legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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