Were You Or A Loved One Affected By The 2021 Dixie Fire?

In the early morning hours of July 13th, 2021, PG&E’s outage system showed that Cresta Dam off of Highway 70 in the Feather River Canyon had lost power. A PG&E employee was dispatched, and observed a blown fuse on the PG&E high voltage line nearby, but was unable to attend to the problem until almost 12 hours later. During that time, it appears a tree leaning on the conductor started a fire that would eventually grow into the mega fire “Dixie Fire” – and once again residents of Butte and Plumas County would be left to deal with consequences of PG&E’s negligence. Now spanning over 500,000 acres and one of the largest fires in California history, it has destroyed homes and businesses and is still not under control.

One of the prosecutors investigating the company’s possible role in starting the Dixie Fire, said the utility did not consider a power outage it had detected in the area early on July 13 to be a high-priority issue.

As a result, said Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey, the worker assigned to investigate the outage did not arrive in the area until as much as four hours after the the problem was detected.


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