Has Telsa Remotely Removed Features From Your Vehicle?

Several consumers have reported  that after an “audit” performed by Tesla on their recently purchased used Tesla, features were removed after Tesla claimed they failed to pay for them, despite the used car dealership advertising the car with those features. This practice may violate state and/or federal consumer protection laws, and as one of the leading consumer protection firms in the country, Kazerouni Law Group is investigating. If you lost the ability to use any Tesla feature that was advertised to you as being included with the vehicle you purchased, Kazerouni Law Group would like to meet with you for a free consultation and review of your case.

Tesla features that have been reported being removed after a remote Tesla software audit:

Enhanced Autopilot (EAP)
Full Self-Driving Capability (FSD)
Ludicrous Mode
Summon Feature

If you have been affected by a remote Tesla audit that disabled features of your car, contact us immediately to schedule a free consultation and review of your legal options. You may be entitled to a full refund of the value of your lost features, and any damages you incurred. Kazerouni Law Group has helped consumers around the country fight back against dishonest business practices and illegal advertising since 2007, and has the expertise needed to help you with your case. You will not pay a dime until your case is won or settled.

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