Free Informational Session For Villa Calimesa Residents

Kazerouni Law Group is looking to speak to anyone affected by the Sandalwood Fire that occurred October 10th-11th in Calimesa, CA. Please join us at Bob’s Big Boy on 540 Sandalwood Dr, Calimesa, CA 92320 for a free information session on Wednesday, October 23rd 3pm-5pm. Our fire attorney will be addressing the community about dealing with insurance companies, the responsible parties behind the fire, obtaining compensation for loss and any other concerns you may have.

In the case of the Sandalwood fire, the fire originated around a burning load of garbage dropped by a trash truck owned or operated by CR&R Environmental Services Corporation. Heedless to the warnings of local bystanders, the CR&R crew dumped smoldering garbage into a shrub-covered lot, with reckless disregard to the extreme danger this posed. Unfortunately, this trash sparked the fire that swept through your community. At Kazerouni Law Group, we are uniquely qualified to help bring you justice. Our firm tackles cases in which we represent normal Californians like yourself against the largest corporations in the country in both financial and personal injury matters.

This meeting is not intended to push you into a representation agreement or pressure you in any way; rather we intend to provide valuable information about your options, your rights, and your path forward in recovering from this awful disaster.

For more information please call Ali Sadrarhami at 818-486-5114, or fill out our free claim evaluation here


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