Supplement Manufacturer North American Nutra Selling Products With Unproven, Illegal Marketing Claims

Maine-based “North American Nutra” is a supplement company that has been selling their supplements with false and misleading claims, in violation of both federal and state consumer protection laws. If you have purchased Hydroxinol, Selenex GSH, or Ceremin from North American Nutra, you may be eligible for compensation.

North American Nutra has and continues to mislead consumers into believing that its products are a surefire way to obtain several health benefits, when, in fact, that is not true. These misrepresentations allow North American Nutra to increase its sales and capture market shares from its competitors.

By claiming their products can diagnose, treat, or cure diseases, they are taking advantage of consumers who believe that these bold claims are infallible. If you have purchased North American Nutra products “Selenex GSH”, “Ceremin”, or “Hydroxinol”, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Kazerouni Law Group is one of the leading consumer law firms in California, and has fought, and won, against dishonest supplement companies like North American Nutra many times. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about your rights. If you do decide to sue, you will not pay Kazerouni Law Group a single cent unless we win or settle your case!

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If You Purchased One Of These Products, A Judge Could Award You Up To $5,000

Selenex GSH

North American Nutra’s Misleading Claims About  Selenex GSH:

“Support Healthy Thyroid Function” 

“Fights Fatigue”

“Helps Fight Fatigue, Stress and Aging to Keep You Feeling Young”

North American Nutra’s Misleading Claims About Hydroxinol:

“Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar”

“Enhances Immune Health”

“Supports Healthy Cognitive Function”

North American Nutra’s Misleading Claims About Ceremin:

“Lifts Mood”

“Ease Anxiousness”

“Defends against Cognitive Decline”

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