KLG to Argue Before Nevada Supreme Court

By Alec Brooks of Kazerouni Law Group, APC on Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

KLG attorney Michael Kind out of our Las Vegas office is currently working on a class action suit that’s made its way to the Supreme Court of Nevada. The suit accuses the mortgage servicing company Green Tree Servicing of illegally recording phone conversations with Nevada consumers, without permission. The case will be argued in front of the Nevada Supreme Court by managing partner Abbas Kazerounian.

The case was first presented in front of the Chief Judge of the Federal District Court of Nevada. The complaint is built around the fact Green Tree Servicing recorded phone calls it made to citizens of Nevada without their consent. Nevada is one of twelve states in the U.S. that require two-party consent when it comes to recording phone calls. Green Tree Servicing allegedly didn’t seek consent from the recipients of its phone calls in Nevada, thus KLG is alleging that the mortgage servicing company is in violation of Nevada Law. 

Defense filed a motion to dismiss the alleged violations due to the fact that the recording devices it used were supposedly located outside of the state of Nevada. The Federal Judge certified the case to the Supreme Court of Nevada, as the judgment will come down to whether or not the recordings were in violation of Nevada state law.

If you believe you’ve been recorded on the telephone without your permission in California or Nevada, please contact us at 800-400-6808.

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