Double Check

By Alec Brooks of Kazerouni Law Group, APC on Wednesday, November 2, 2016.

KLG attorney Ryan McBride of our Phoenix office obtained an arbitration award for over $20,000 in actual and punitive damages in a suit against Citibank for FCRA violations.

McBride’s client had both a checking account and a line of credit with Citibank. The Citibank line of credit failed to send payments to the checking account when it should have according to Citibank’s agreement. The money should have transferred immediately from McBride’s client’s line of credit to his client’s checking account to avoid late fees and negative credit reporting, but failed to do so. When McBride’s client noticed he was incurring late fees and that the the money was not transferring over from his line of credit, his client attempted to solve the problem by contacting Citibank’s representatives. In response, Citibank gave McBride’s client the run-around and dodged the issue entirely. Eventually, McBride’s client was forced to bring suit.

Citibank had inaccurately reported McBride’s client’s credit, which hurt his client’s credit score and creditworthiness. The arbitrator agreed with McBride’s

analysis of the case and this led to his client being awarded $10,000 dollars in punitive damages as it was deemed Citibank acted in bad faith. The client was also awarded $10,519.64 in actual damages after Citibank forced his client to deal with the unnecessary and arduous legal process for over four years.

McBride was very happy to be able to help yet another consumer. The rest of us here at KLG congratulate Ryan on doing so well on behalf of his client.

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