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By Alec Brooks of Kazerouni Law Group, APC on Tuesday, November 1, 2016.

On Tuesday, August 16 KLG began put together, “Bedside Adventure Kits” for our friends over at Discovery Arts. We picked up the regular white cardboard boxes from the Discovery Arts office in Mission Viejo and brought them back to our office to decorate and fill with arts and crafts for children currently in the hospital battling illnesses.

Some members of our firm with children took the boxes home to decorate them with their families, and some of us decorated them right in our conference room. We covered the outside of the boxes with poster paint, glitter, markers, and stickers. The box itself contained all the materials we decorated with plus coloring books, highlighters, glue sticks, construction paper, paint brushes, and a lot of other fun items.

When we go to the Children’s hospital to volunteer with Discovery Arts we are brought to a playroom where all the children who feel well enough are welcome to come and enjoy arts and crafts and other fun games. We build the Bedside Adventure Kits for the children who don’t feel well enough to come to the playroom. They receive the boxes in their beds and are free to keep everything and use them however they want.

KLG began working with Discovery Arts in June and started going to volunteer at Miller’s Children’s Hospital in Long Beach. Discovery Arts had a big move this past month as they relocated their home office from Orange to Mission Viejo. Due to the move there weren’t any opportunities to volunteer on site so this was the perfect time for us to donate the boxes. In the fall we will be looking to collect costumes to donate as well. If you’d like to get involved or donate to Discovery Arts please go to their website at or contact Alec Brooks at

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