Spinning In Santa Ana

KLG has become involved with the Costa Mesa charity SPIN (Serving People In Need). On Friday, May 19, employees Jocelyn Candelas and Alec Brooks joined two other members of SPIN and volunteered with its street team. The four volunteers loaded crates filled with over 250 sack lunches, cases of bottled water, and clothes into a van and rode from Newport Beach to Santa Ana.

Once the van arrived they were greeted by a line around the block of hungry and underprivileged people. Jocelyn and Alec were put in charge of handing out the sack lunches from the back of the van. The people on the street remained orderly and in a single file line, however, they still moved through quickly and with a sense of urgency. The hardest part of the day for the volunteers was having to repeatedly tell people they could only get one of everything, they wished they'd had more to give.

Usually the van moves onto other areas after Santa Ana, but on that day it was so busy that everything from the van was emptied within fifteen minutes of arrival. Both Alec and Jocelyn were pretty taken back from the experience, and said it was extremely eye-opening to see that level of struggling so close to where they live and work. They were so grateful that they could help, but left wishing that they could do more. KLG will look to continue its relationship with SPIN in the future and attend more of the Thursday street team food handouts. If you're interested in SPIN and the work they do you can learn all about them here:http://www.spinoc.org/