California Attorneys Handling Brain Injury Litigation

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can often mean a lifetime of disability, economic devastation, loss of independence, personality changes, loss of earning capabilities, loss of memory, and dependence on family and friends for supervision and care.

Kazerouni Law Group, APC has a tremendous amount of experience in working closely with victims, their families, doctors, attendants, therapists, etc., in brain injury and other personal injury matters. Serving clients from our Costa Mesa, California, office, our attorneys know how to assess your case, represent your interests aggressively, and help you obtain maximum compensation for your losses.

The Lasting Consequences Of TBI

Depending upon a client's age, his or her needs may vary greatly following a brain injury. This in turn will affect the value of their case due to the client's life expectancy. The risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury is particularly high among adolescents and young adults, as well as persons older than 70 years of age. For younger persons, the most likely cause of such an injury is in a vehicle. The older category tend to have more traumatic brain injuries due to falls.

Our attorneys know the devastation TBI can bring to injured individuals and their families. Our law firm has handled many of these cases throughout California, and we will fight for you.

Our lawyers understand that a TBI has lasting consequences. We know that many victims require future care, including attendant care. Our attorneys will investigate the extent and nature of future medical bills, and whether rehabilitation and retraining can restore the victim to a former career and lifestyle. We use experts such as neurologists, economists and life care planners in evaluating the ability of a victim to be retrained or returned to the workforce. Where the brain injury survivor is a wage earner, our attorneys evaluate the replacement stream of income necessary to make up for lost earning capacity. This will include interest for the future loss and index link it to the rate of inflation as designated by our economic experts.

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The most important factor is that we care. Our lawyers are empathetic and understanding of the personality changes that often accompany traumatic brain injury and the resulting stresses placed on families when TBI strikes. We know that in a matter of second a family structure and dynamic changes. The stress that leaves on a family requires empathy, experience and understanding.

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