KLG Helps Cal Western’s New Media Rights Program Grow : Awarded $553,000 Cy Press Beneficiary

Fall 2016 ClinicKLG managing partner Abbas Kazerounian has been finding a variety of ways to give back to his alma mater California Western School of Law since earning his degree there in 2007. Abbas has hired CWSL alumni including KLG partner Matthew Loker, he returns to the school one semester each year as an adjunct professor and teaches a three credit course on consumer law, and most recently he helped the school's NMR program receive $553,606 by designating them as cy pres beneficiary in three class action cases.

Abbas and fellow CWSL alumnus Joshua Swigart worked together as co-lead counsel on the three separate class actions ( Barani v Wells Fargo, Couser v. Comenity Bank, Sherman v. Kaiser) and together were able to have the unclaimed settlement funds awarded to the NMR program at Cal Western.

Cy pres distributions are funds that remain after a class action settlement has been fully administered. These funds are ideally used for the indirect prospective benefit of the class. Kazerounian and Swigart were confident the growth of the NMR program would benefit consumers nationwide as the primary goals of the NMR program are to support pro bono preventative privacy-related legal services for consumers, nonprofits, technology entrepreneurs, and content creators across the United States.

CWSL has played a large part in KLG's success over the last decade and we are thrilled to be able to give back and support the school in any way that we can. We look forward to working with CWSL and its affiliates on many projects in the near future.

* Both Abbas and Josh will be recognized and awarded as Alumni of the Year this coming September at a ceremony hosted by CWSL