Back With the Kids

KLG was able to return to Miller's Children's Hospital in Long Beach twice this past month as Discovery Arts completed its move from Newport Beach to Mission Viejo. While the organization was in the process of relocating headquarters, volunteer opportunities at the hospital were temporarily put on hold. KLG took that opportunity to design and fill Bedside Adventure Kits with art and craft supplies since we couldn't be there in person.

It felt great to get back in the playrooms with the children after the brief hiatus. We also got to take a look at some of the other wonderful kits donated by other organizations and watch the joy that washed over the children as soon as they got their hands on some paint and glitter.

Photo of a little girl dressed in a princess outfit, finger puppets and a butterfly painting

We were lucky enough this month to send two KLG employees who hadn't been free to make it the hospital before. Both partner Assal Assassi and case manager Julie Lupian had their first hands-on experiences in the playroom with the kids and enjoyed it immensely. Assal, who has an 11 month old daughter at home, immediately connected with a young girl named Melissa and was a natural at building cardboard butterflies and singing the words to Frozen.


KLG employee Alec Brooks, who has had the opportunity to volunteer at three different playrooms within Miller's over the past few months spent most of his time this month with a young boy named Miles. Miles had an injured leg in a cast and the nurses couldn't seem to get him to stop standing and putting pressure on it. When Alec sat down with Miles on a small padded play mat and began showing him how to use the different plastic tools inside a Black and Decker for kids toolbox, Miles calmed down almost immediately. The nurses let Alec know how much it meant to them as Miles had barely been able to spend any quality time with males since the surgery on his leg.

We consider it a privilege to be able to volunteer with Discovery Arts. Getting to spend time with the children is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences in the world and we couldn't be happier with the relationships we've been able to form and strengthen over the past few months. The next step we plan on taking as a firm toward helping Discovery Arts is to donate costumes in time for Halloween. If you're interested in donating goods or your time with Discovery Arts please visit their website at or email Alec Brooks at[email protected].