What Our Clients Say


"When I lost my job and fell behind in my credit card payments, I thought things had hit the bottom. But then the collection calls started! I was being harassed, my relatives were receiving calls, and my neighbors started receiving notices about my debt… If it wasn't for your firm, I would have had to file for bankruptcy! Thank you for caring when no one else did."- JB, Encino

"There are two things that I look for in a lawyer – 1. a lawyer that cares about his client and his needs and 2. a lawyer that I can trust. Every KLG lawyer that I have interacted with in the last 2 years has shown me both those qualities in abundance." - JS, Corona

"What I love about KLG is that their lawyers are always available and friendly but not afraid to take on the big boys. As my lawsuit continued I became more and more confident in their ability and that confidence was more than justified by the settlement. Keep up the good work guys."- RH, Beverly Hills

"Kazerouni Law Group worked with us when no other law firm would because they believed in our case. Their lawyers were all extremely responsive and seemed to always be available for us. Most importantly they got us a result that we thought was unachievable."- MH, Los Angeles

"The lawyers care, the lawyers are great at their job and I trust them – enough said." - MR, Irvine

"…thanks for taking the stress off my shoulders, you guys are the best…" - M Mohammadi